Elephant country near elephants.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary, Cora Gold Limited, Kola Gold has rights to a host of permit areas in the Republics of Mali and Senegal covering a total of 889 square kilometres. These are located in: the 'Kenieba Window' area of west Mali/Senegal, where over 50 million ounces of gold have been discovered in the past 20 years; and south Mali, where 15 million ounces of gold have been discovered to date.

Kenieba Window, West Mali/Senegal.

Cora Gold has entered into joint ventures in respect of the 70 square kilometres Diangounte Est Permit in the Kenieba Window in west Mali and the 303 square kilometres Madina Fulbe permit in Senegal. In addition, Cora Gold holds the Satifara Ouest permit.

South Mali.

Cora Gold has entered into a number of joint ventures with local partners in respect of permits in south Mali. Being all within the same vicinity and in the early stages of exploration these permits are managed as one project area. Historically very limited exploration has been undertaken across this highly prospective area. By making staged payments to the various joint venture partners Cora Gold is earning into 100% interest (pre-dilution by any State interest) in these permits.

West Mali and South Mali.

Kenieba Window, West Mali

Yellow indicates proven gold resources

Patchwork of Permits, West Mali

Demonstrates the large number of permits in this area

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